The Marriage Maze

I see a lot of friends getting married these days, and I wonder if they know what they’re getting into. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not against marriage at all. It’s just the reasons people give me for getting married are unpalatable. “I think this is the right age to get married”, as if two years from now you’ll grow fangs and no one will marry you.

In such a setup, I can’t help wondering how happy these people eventually get. My feeling is they’re unpleasantly surprised at the amount of adjustment it takes, but bear it silently because there’s no other option. Perhaps that’s why a few of my friends steer the conversation away whenever I ask them about married life.

But I guess that’s the way of the world.

The Best Font

I believe I’ve finally found the perfect font for working with documents. Note that it’s not just the font that matters, but also how it is rendered. After a struggle of, I think 4-5 years, I’ve finally found peace in Bitstream Charter. But there’s a catch: the rendering I’ve come to admire is on Ubuntu. Windows, not unsurprisingly, disappoints in this department.

Maybe the Mac deserves a try someday. I hear it has beautiful typography.

Cricket, Cricket

What helped cricket become so popular in the subcontinent? Was it imposed on us by the ruling British? If so, how did America escape its spell? Was it because it gained independence much earlier?

Or is there something inherently addictive about this game?

The Best Advice

Is this the best professional advice one could have: “Say yes now and figure it out later”?

It does make sense in today’s scenario, when time is at premium and nobody has anything figured out. But does learning always need to be a result of sheer chaos? As far as I think, this advice applies to managerial roles. For skill-based roles, the very opposite is true: figure it out first and then say yes.

Why is that? Simply because a skill takes repeated practice and time to develop. A graphic designer can’t say yes to making illustrations and then start figuring out how to, unless he’s been given a year to complete the task.

As always, the world around us is getting blinded with speed.

The Limits of Ego

What is the extent of influence of the ego on human achievement? Does ego only come in play when one is pursuing ruthlessly? What about the artist or scholar who is submerged in silent dedication? Is there good ego and bad ego, or is it empty semantics?

If every action is driven by a form of ego, what’s the point in analyzing it? If not, how can the nobler┬ápath be identified?

Make a Wish

If God were to appear to you right now and promised to fulfill one wish, what would it be? You’re most likely to ask for the dominant desire of your heart. So perhaps if the chance were given to me, I’d ask for becoming the most celebrated mathematician, computer scientist, physicist, or maybe something else.

The thought is comforting, except that the past few days of struggling with cough, could and mild fever have made me think otherwise. What use is a discovery of a lifetime if you don’t have the strength to receive the accolades?

I know many would differ, and in the past many great men have demonstrated otherwise, but I’d take a blockage-free nasal tract over designing the next biggest thing any given day.

When is Life Lived?

Which portion of our living days is life? Is it the few gems of happiness that happen to roll our way unexpectedly? Or it is the vast stretches of anguish we have to slog through? One answer is that the former is the life of an optimist, and the latter, that of a pessimist.

Or maybe life is a sum of both. But in that case, our life lies in the past, locked away in something as fragile as memory, lost forever.