Make it Warm

In the movie The Godfather II, after Frank Pentangeli (love his voice, by the way!) fails to testify against Michael Corleone, he’s visited by Tom, Corleone’s lawyer. In that scene, Pentangeli makes a reference to the Roman times, suggesting that he’d be happy to kill himself provided his family was taken care of. He used the phrase “they sat in a hot bath and slit their wrists”, or something like that, which struck me as very curious. Why in a hot bath?

So I Googled it, and–God save the world!–I found pages upon pages offering suicide advice. According to the website Everything2:

Fill a tub with hot water. You want your water to be hot enough to plump up your veins and keep them open as your blood escapes, but not so hot that you will have trouble relaxing. Bath oils will also help here.

What the fuck has the world come to! :O :O

Way Too Much

Natural languages are redundant, computer scientists like to boast, and thus can be processed easily by a computer. They forget, however, that human interactions are not about meaning all the time; more often than not, it’s the feeling conveyed that matters. And when it comes to that, human like to repeat things for emphasis, rephrase them to gain time, etc. All these are highly important attributes of non-verbal communication.

I am _______

I am a mystery unto myself.

Sometimes I write several blog posts in a row (like the last few), while sometimes I leave it cold for many, many days.

Sometimes I eat so much that my stomach hurts, and sometimes I like to starve myself.

Sometimes I like going with the flow, and sometimes flowing against the current.

Sometimes I skid, sometimes I roll, sometimes I completely ignore rules of punctuation.

I am fat, I am thin, I have a lot of skin.

Sometimes I roll, sometimes I skid, sometimes I come to a halt.

What am I? :P :P :P

Hitting the Ceiling

After spending what’s possibly the first half of my life in trying to achieve greatness, I’m reaching a stage where I feel it’s best to make peace with myself. I am what I am; for instance, this blog is quite ordinary, and my “astute observations” are nothing more than obviousness itself to most people.

I wanted to reach the pinnacles of writing, but now I can see it’s not going to happen. I just hate subjectivity and opinions.

I wanted to become an ace programmer and mathematician, but given my age and talent, that’s not going to happen either.

But it’s all right. I guess at the end of the day, we don’t have to be the best, but be ourselves. It is okay to be mediocre and continue producing mediocre output, as long as someone is willing to pay for it and you are enjoying yourself.

As for opinions, who cares for them!

Unusable Usability

Beyond a point, usability is not much use. Two instances come to mind:

  • Data roaming: By default, data roaming (at least in Android) is off, and for good reason. What what if some tech-challenged businessman needs to connect during an emergency? He is sure to go nuts trying to find the right settings.
  • Phone search: I have apps and I have songs. Sometimes I want to search only among app names, and sometimes, only among songs. At other times, I might want to search in all of history, apps, songs, ebooks, as well as online. Does that mean I break my head fiddling with settings every time?

While others are busy developing perfectly usable systems, I’m busy guarding my peace of mind.

A New Way of Selling Books

The Internet not only makes it possible to acquire new customers easily, but also gives birth to interesting business models. Consider this real-world scenario: You’d be hard-pressed to find a WordPress theme development book these days. Those that are available get quickly outdated or are simply horrible. So what some star WordPress developers have written their own ebooks (PDF format) and are selling it for, let’s say, $30.

What do you get in return? Obviously a nice ebook, but they’re also offering free access to ALL the updates in the future. That’s right: as the book keeps getting expanded and better as WordPress changes, your original investment stays intact. In my opinion, this is an offer nobody can refuse.