Make a Wish

If God were to appear to you right now and promised to fulfill one wish, what would it be? You’re most likely to ask for the dominant desire of your heart. So perhaps if the chance were given to me, I’d ask for becoming the most celebrated mathematician, computer scientist, physicist, or maybe something else.

The thought is comforting, except that the past few days of struggling with cough, could and mild fever have made me think otherwise. What use is a discovery of a lifetime if you don’t have the strength to receive the accolades?

I know many would differ, and in the past many great men have demonstrated otherwise, but I’d take a blockage-free nasal tract over designing the next biggest thing any given day.

When is Life Lived?

Which portion of our living days is life? Is it the few gems of happiness that happen to roll our way unexpectedly? Or it is the vast stretches of anguish we have to slog through? One answer is that the former is the life of an optimist, and the latter, that of a pessimist.

Or maybe life is a sum of both. But in that case, our life lies in the past, locked away in something as fragile as memory, lost forever.

To Be Successful

To be successful, you’ll have to go through a thousand disappointments. To be successful, you’ll have to outdo yourself. To be successful . . .

But who is successful in this world? Time takes away what fortune bestows. No success is final, no achievement a guarantee.

Who is an Expert?

How should an expert be defined? What makes someone the go-to person during crisis? Is it enough that you have spent a certain number of years doing something? Or that the people around you consider an expert? Or perhaps because you’re loyal and a good human being? And what about those who are always eager to do more?

Countless many aspire to leadership, but few, very few, deserve it in the true sense of the word.